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We are your external human resources department, uniquely integrated with your business. We’re passionate about helping businesses maximise their human capital investment. Our suite of services are results focused and are driven by increasing your revenue, decreasing your costs, widening your margin and developing your people. Uniting People, Performance and Profit!


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My Human Resources Manager provides a complete suite of services to ensure your staff hit the ground running and never miss a beat.


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We can help develop your people and resources by implementing training and development programs that are tailored for your business.


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Outsourcing your Human Resource needs to a business who’s sole focus is to remove the hassle of managing human resources so that you can spend more time focusing on your bottom line.

Looking for a HR Consultant on the Sunshine Coast? Look no further!

My Human Resources Manager utilises its own extensive range of tools to meet your business’ HR needs. It’s like having your own human resource department without the full time cost. Our consultants work towards success of your business by maintaining:

  • HR records management and reporting
  • General workflow processing
  • Time and attendance management
  • Performance management
  • Recruitment
  • Award and wage compliance

Why choose us?

  • Increase retention of talent
  • Increase revenue through performance management strategies
  • Increase employee engagement through virtual HR technology
  • Increase employee skills and knowledge
  • Reduce costs associated with poor performance
  • Reduce overhead costs (office space)
  • Reduce risk and liability
  • Reduce costs associated with recruitment, selection and onboarding weaknesses


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