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Our Story.

My Human Resources Manager Pty Ltd was established on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland in 2009 and continues to provide professional human resources services at both a national and international level. My Human Resources Manager is an external human resources department, uniquely integrated with your business. Our unique environment allows your business to utilise our suite of services on an ‘as needed’ basis therefore ensuring an immediate return on investment.

We are focused on positively impacting the bottom line with our results focused suite of services which have proven to:

  • Increase revenue through a skilled and engaged workforce, succession planning and targeted training;
  • Decrease costs associated with risk, compliance, liability, poor performance, retention of talent and overheads; and
  • Widen margin and develop your people by learning and development, cross training and employee engagement.

Our Partners.

My Human Resources Manager partners with experts in employment law, recruitment and technology and in doing so, ensures up-to-date, cost effective and compliant practices. Our point of difference is our bottom line focus and our unique integration of HR with your business – Simplifying HR!

Our Director.

With over 23 years of  local, national and international HR experience, Sandra King influences employers to tick all the boxes, to keep their people happy and keep their profits in their pockets.

Sandra’s career has involved partnering with with small, medium and large organisations, helping new and experienced business owners understand workplace legislation, recruiting their teams, managing their poor performers, mitigating their legal exposure, and providing advice to develop workforce capabilities.

Sandra is a generalist Human Resources professional with hands-on experience across many different industries including retail, hospitality, construction, resources and waste management, to name a few.

Sandra’s business goal is to unite People, Performance & Profit.

Our Mission.

Our Mission is two-fold. We recognise that people and business need each other. To unite people, performance and profit so that careers, lifestyle and business thrive.

Our Values.

Our Values focus on People, Performance and Profit.

Value 1:

People are Priority.

Value 2:

Our family, our personal safety and our wellbeing are Priority.

Value 3:

Relationships will be nurtured and developed by real trust, real honesty and real integrity.

Value 4:

Our entrepreneurial spirit drives our focus to reduce risk.

Value 5:

As a collaborative team, we pledge to listen, respect and appreciate others and their individuality.

Value 6:

We recruit and retain the best human resource talent and continually develop our human resources knowledge.

Our Vision.

To become Australia’s premier human resources solution.

Value 7:

As a team of Human Resource professionals, we will practice what we preach.

Value 8:

Trust builds our business and all stakeholders are the architects.

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