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My Human Resources Manager,

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My Human Resources Manager recruits and retains the BEST Human Resources Professionals who love their job, are results focused, are business minded, are learning advocates and have a strategic outlook.

Our team of Human Resources Professionals are a key driving force that positively impacts our Client’s bottom line. They take pride in transforming:

  1. A workforce that is task focussed to results focussed;
  2. HR risk to HR compliant;
  3. The HR unknown to HR policy and procedures;
  4. Ad hoc training to a structured training program;
  5. Retention issues to a succession planning program.

As a valued My Human Resources Manager Professional, your personal growth which includes human resources knowledge and business acumen is our shared priority.
We are advocates of flexible work practices and we offer:
• Working from home
• Flexible hours of work
• Flexible days of work
• Flexible locations of work
• Work life balance

To start your flexible and rewarding career with My Human Resources Manager, please email your resume to

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Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia
Phone: 0406 774 062


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