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Why Does Your Business Need Human Resources?

The 2020 | 2021 financial year workplace landscape has many business challenges and demands on organisational leaders to adopt strategies that increase productivity and profit and decrease costs and liability. At these times, the strategies needed to expedite the achievement of organisational goals is to invest smartly in human capital and ensure a golden opportunity is not missed.

Proactive human resource activities with a risk adverse approach can turn a golden opportunity into a smart strategic decision.

This is how we Add Value.

We identify opportunities and mitigate risk through proven human resources methodologies including:

Building Culture

Building a great place to work.

Culture is not all about bonuses and snack machines. It’s about the perfect fit. How employees fit the business and how the business is valued by the employee.

Value from an employee’s point of view can mean many different things.

Take the first step to understand what these many different things are and then the next step to building a strong and envied culture.

Talent Acquisition

Building Teams.

Unlike a traditional recruitment agency, our approach integrates with each business similar to an in-house human resources department.

We provide a structured, compliant and thorough process which is a winning formula for securing strong talent.

Secure a team that will grow your business.

HR Risk Management

When businesses walk the tight rope of HR Risk.

A critical management function is to assess risk. Risk are those activities, either internal and/or external, of influence in your business. According to Drake Int., 70 % of a business operating expenses are attributable to workforce costs, making human resource activities high on the risk matrix agenda.
Be safe, not sorry that you did not identify and eliminate your HR risks early.

Wage compliance

Navigating wage compliance.

Labour Laws in Australia are the most complex in the world.
Navigating to get to the right industrial instrument can be a needle in a haystack if you are unfamiliar with Australian workplace laws.
The consequences of not getting wages right can lead not only to underpayments but also over payments of wages. Both scenarios can significantly impact your bottom line.

Talent Management

Employee’s performance = Business success.

Employees crave direction, appreciation and communication.
Recognise and exercise these core leadership fundamentals and build an engaged workforce; retain high performers and avoid turnover as a hidden assassin.

Employment Contracts

Employment contract with different purposes.

Different types of employment contracts serve different purposes. For employers, it is important to be aware of these differences to ensure that the contracts you have in place are reflective of your business’ needs. Your business may be inadvertently implementing employment contracts that do not reflect the actual employment relationship or the needs of the business. In addition to the obvious operational issues, getting it wrong could find you in breach of the applicable modern award or National Employment Standards or on the receiving end of an unfair dismissal application.

Position Descriptions


Communicating an employee’s responsibilities will provide your business with enhanced customers service opportunities.
A structured position description will have both parties on the same page and eliminate the hidden cost of poor productivity.

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