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Sandra became involved in the Solar Reflector project when the project was in a growth phase of production. Employee recruitment for the project was organised through a labour hire company and both selection and job performance in the job were not meeting the required standard.

When Sandra became involved in a revamp of the manufacturing resources she introduced a much more professional approach. Recruitment was carried out to specific position descriptions and a comprehensive interview procedure involving HR and manufacturing management. Setting a clear standard of selection involved many interviews to find the required candidates and she found the time to put in this effort. To ensure that the organisation met its obligations, particularly Workplace Health and Safety requirements, with these new employees, HR was instrumental in setting up pre- employment and ongoing training during their work period. Similarly the HR support for the duration of the project meant that any employee issues were addressed quickly once raised and could be dealt with effectively.

The reflector project was short term and we had to retain these now skilled employees until the end of production. It was a classic example of good management with both HR and local Manufacturing Management working closely as a team with excellent communication at shop floor level. Sandra was the key person to design and obtain senior management approval for a retention rewards program. This rewards program had to meet performance levels demanded by management with built in performance monitoring and was very successful. The manufacturing project was completed on time, on budget and met all product quality standards.

The difference between worker performance during the period they were supervised through an agency and after HR Management became involved, was a stark one. Sandra' s skills and efforts made an immediate and valuable improvement and directly contributed to meeting the project target. I would recommend involving Sandra King where an organisation needs effective HR support and that would be a great investment for any senior manager to make.
Brian Neil - Project Manager,
Areva Solar Boost Project

I had the privilege to partner with Sandra at a very critical step in the development of a manufacturing plant I had to turnaround. Right in the middle of a massive production campaign, we had to replace 75 % of the workforce given issues we were facing; Sandra led the charge to re-staff the plant; she worked round the clock with the management team to identify all the competence gaps, engaged three recruitment agencies to maximize our chance of success and coordinated an intense interview campaign; within a month, the plant was fully staffed to run in 2 shifts; since that time, we had an amazing production campaign, achieving all our targets in terms of safety, quality and volume. Sandra has definitively been a great asset in this turnaround.
Jean Paul Crouzoulon Senior Vice President Global Manufacturing,

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